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BeNeDota Inhouse is back!

In these dire corona time, everybody is looking for a way to pass time. We noticed people want to play more Dota, so... We decided to bring back the BeNeDota Inhouse games!
We considered multiple inhouse possibilities and we landed on Faceit. NOT the previous inhouse hub we used to have (because reasons...) but an all NEW Hub:
You can join the hub by following this link:
(if you are still a member of the previous hub, leave it to make this clearer for you)

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BeNeDota was created to bring content & events to Dota players and Dota players to content & events! With plenty of players enjoying Dota2 in the Netherlands and Belgium, there was no real central place to go to, to meet other players and learn about all events relevant to Dota2 in our region. BeNeDota is working to fill this gap and bring a better Dota2 experience to all players in Belgium & the Netherlands.

Join the most active Dota2 Discord in the Netherlands and Belgium for a chat, or join us in tournaments, leagues, qualifiers, pub stomps, offline events and more!


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