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BeNeDota League Season 2 Begins!

The registrations are now closed, and after some puzzling we can now show everyone the divisions! On our League page you can check all info on upcoming matches, the groups and the rules.

The ten registered teams will battle in a round-robin group of 5 for seeding in a Double Elimination bracket. The last placed team in the division is eliminated, while numbers 1 and 2 are placed in the upper bracket. This leaves teams 3 and 4 to battle in the lower bracket.

Each captain receives access to the #league_reschedule channel in our Discord where teams can agree on a new match date. Keep in mind that the match has to be played before the following monday after the planned match date. For example: the f... Continue reading


BeNeDota was created to bring content & events to Dota players and Dota players to content & events! With plenty of players enjoying Dota2 in the Netherlands and Belgium, there was no real central place to go to, to meet other players and learn about all events relevant to Dota2 in our region. BeNeDota is working to fill this gap and bring a better Dota2 experience to all players in Belgium & the Netherlands.

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