Who wants to go to ESL One Katowice 2018?

After having a thrilling weekend at Hamburg just a month ago, the BeNeDota community is already looking forward to the next trip!
We are aiming for the ESL One event in Katowice, 24-25 Feb.

In Hamburg, everybody was staying in separate hotels. This time, we would like to book flights and hotels as a group as much as possible, since more people = more fun!

If you would like to join the group, let "Keepertj_" know in our discord & tell him if you have any budget constraints. If you have any questions, join the #esl_katowice channel in our discord server.

On December 10, he will do a headcount. If enough people are interested in going, Keepertj_ will go look for nice hotels and flights.
Travel information: 23-24-25-26 Feb 2018. (with the event on 24-25 Feb)

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