Start of the BeNeDota League!

Season 0 of the BeNeDota league is ready for take-off! The groups are set and the first games have been revealed!

Due to the number of participants, we've had to modify the format a little bit:

  • All teams will be divided into 2 groups (1 with 6 teams and 1 with 5 teams) for the group phase
  • After the group phase, all 11 teams will be put in the same Double Elimination bracket for the play-offs. The top 3 of each group will go into the upper bracket and the rest of the group move into the lower bracket.
  • the winner of each group has an extra BYE round in the upper bracket, as a bonus for finishing on top of the group. The teams that come in last in their group will play an extra round in the lower bracket. Because of this extra game, it is possible the format will be extended by 1 week but we will be in contact with those teams to maybe move this game to week 3 of the group phase.

So... prepare yourselves and don't wait too long to reschedule your game if needed! You HAVE TO play the game in the same week and a week reaches from Saturday (today) up until the next Thursday! On Friday we will prepare the next round of the league.

GL&HF to all participants!

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