Kayzr Bot Update

Since Dota2 has had an update regarding the MMR setup, we had to change the inputs for the bot as well. From now on, you have to set up both your core and support mmrs.

Updated command

First of all, the register command is updated:
!register <coremmr> <supportmmr> <preferred captain> <position> <position (optional ...)>
This means the bot should be able to more accurately balance the teams, based on the mmrs of the players.

Also, the !help command has been updated to represent the new information required.

What is the player draft?

  • This is a tournament with mixed teams. This means you register yourself with your information SOLO and you will be put in a team.
  • All games are played on the same evening, Friday starting at 20:00.
  • All players of all levels are welcome. A bot will balance teams based on the participants' core & support mmr.
  • The tournament is in a full bo1-mode.
  • Tournaments are free. Each participant will win Kayzr coins which you can use to buy stuff in the Kayzr shop.
  • Winners also get bragging rights on discord and a nice golden colour.

How do I prepare for Kayzr?

  1. Register yourself to the bot. This is only required once, though you can update your information any time.
  2. Create an account on Kayzr.
  3. Link Dota2 to your account on Kayzr.
  4. If you are willing and able to play on the next Friday use the !join command to join the playerlist.
  5. You can check with the !playerlist command to see if you are on the list, and all the other players that have joined.
  6. You are now ready to play on Friday!

On Friday

On Friday itself, at around 19:30 the teams are created by an admin. Not too long after, you will receive an invite to the teams you are assigned to. These teams are created by Kayzr on their website. You have to accept this invite. After accepting the invite, you should head over to the Tournament page, find the Dota2 tournament and use the "check in" button to join the tournament. Once everyone is checked in with their team, Kayzr will automatically create a bracket at 20:00 sharp. So you must be checked in with your team at this time, otherwise you (and your team!) won't be entered into the bracket.

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