Friday Night = Kayzr Player Draft night

During the past few weeks (months...), we noticed we didn't have any "new" players for the kayzr player draft tournaments. Because of this, we did a new poll and the result was that most people preferred moving the Kayzr Player Draft back to Friday evening.

From now on, we will run our Kayzr Player Draft tournament each week on Friday again!
To be able to participate, you still need to do the same things:
1) join our discord server if you haven't done that already
2) register yourself with our playerdraft bot in the #kayzr-player-draft channel on our discord server. You can read how to register yourself below
3) if you want to participate in the player draft, you need to list yourself with the bot (by typing !play in the #kayzr-player-draft channel on discord). You need to register yourself somewhere between Monday and the Friday of the tournament before 18h30.

For the people who don't know what the player draft is
) this is a tournament with mixed teams. This means you register yourself with your information SOLO and you will be put in a team
) all games are played on the same evening (Friday starting @ 20h)
) all players of all levels are welcome. A bot will balance teams based on the participants' core & support mmr
) the tournament is in a full bo1-mode: you lose, you are out of the tournament!
) tournaments are free. Each participant will win Kayzr coins which you can use to buy stuff in the Kayzr shop
) winners also get bragging rights on discord and a nice golden colour

So how do I use this bot?
Go to our discord server and join the #kayzr-player-draft channel. You can use the following commands:

  • to register yourself with the bot (1 time only): !register <captain (yes/no)> (example command: !register 2500 Yes 4 5 3 2 1 to play as 2500mmr as a captain with possible positions 4 5 3 2 1 in that order )
  • to join this week's Player Draft: !join
  • to leave this week's Player Draft: !leave
  • to look at the players that signed up so far for this week' tournament: !playerlist
  • to see the info you are currently registered with : !status
  • to link your discord user to your kayzr account (makes it easier to invite for teams): !kayzrname
  • to get a list of all the commands: !help

Hope to see you all there!

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