BeNeDotaLeague Season 0 Announcement

Since the launch of the BeNeDota website, there have been a few tabs with the "Coming soon™" teaser. Months went by and just when nobody believed those tabs would ever see real content, it happens!

BeNeDota is happy to announce its first season of the BeNeDota League! We would like to call this "Season 0" since this will be a test season for many things. We looked at other leagues and tournaments and tried to come up with a format that tackles some major problems in other leagues and tournaments:

1) Length: seeing the volatility of the BeNeLux Dota scene, the league should be quite short. We aim for 8-week seasons.

2) Interesting Matchups: there can be quite a skill gap in between different teams in our region. To keep the league as interesting as possible for all participants, we created a format in which teams will play teams of their own skill level as much as possible, without losing the chance of winning their division in the end.

More information on the format and the rules can be found on the BeNeDota website ( )

The league will start Sunday 20/5/2018 and will last until 15/7/2018, if no problems arise. This means that you have about 2 weeks to find some team mates. Hope to see you there!

P.S. To participate in our tournament you need a Toornament account

P.P.S. Please read the rules carefully before registering

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