BeNeDota League Season 5 Announcement

Are you boys & girls ready for another season of the BeNeDota League?

For the 5th season of the league, we stick with the appreciated recipes from previous seasons, like 1 game per week maximum and (if possible) balanced divisions according to skill. The prize pool stays the same for division 1 (1st place 100€ 2nd place 50€) but the winner of division 2 will also get something (25€)
We also keep the new rules from last year:

  • Teams in between 2 divisions can be put in another bracket after group stage
  • Teams that don't reach the required minimum of 3 BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) players during registration, can still apply to participate in the league and make their case with one of the BeNeDota League admins to be admitted.
    This year, you will also need to provide the steam ID of your main account with which you will play your league games.

We are still looking for casters that want to cast some league games (live or delayed). If you would like to do this, contact an admin in discord.
The registrations for the league are open, starting NOW, and running until 28/2/2021. The first games will be played in the week starting 8/3/2021. The league will run about 8 or 9 weeks.

The only thing left, is the registration link:

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