BeNeDota League Grand Finals

Last night, the BeNeDota League Season 3 concluded with the grand finals in Division 1. Against all odds, it was Sludge Factory that took the first place and the 100€ prize money! They (finally) managed to beat Fuck de koning, who had been freewheeling through the league up until now. After game 1 it looked like they would freewheel through this grand final was well, but after losing game 2 with a strange draft, it was Sludge Factory who won an exciting game 3 with Lone Druid and Juggernaut as spear points. Fuck de koning will have to settle for the second place and 50€ prize money.

Last week, Donald Muylle (the team, not the man) managed to beat Meme Dream in the Division 2 Grand Finals. Donald Muylle had a good start of the season but had to step up their game to win the grand finals. After losing to Meme Dream in the group stage, they managed to beat them twice in the play-offs, so they are the deserved winner of division 2!

The 3rd season of the BeNeDota league is hereby concluded. I bet we will be back with another season before the next TI... and we will look to polish the format a bit, to satisfy the big group of "middle tier" teams we see each season.
We hope to see all of you (and more) again next season!

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