BeNeDota Inhouse League Season 5 Starting Today

Since a few months, we've been running the BeNeDota Inhouse League. It is an inhouse ladder system with monthly seasons.

The system is fairly simple: you can join the inhouse if you live in our region or have the Belgian or Dutch nationality.

Once you are a member, you can queue for an inhouse game at any time of the day. You are always able to see how many people are online in the Inhouse League and how many are queueing. When 10 people have joined the queue, they will play a Captain's Mode Lobby game. Captains are appointed based on their ranking in the current season. The captains pick their players and FaceIt will invite you into the lobby.

After the game, FaceIt will know which team won and update the leaderboard. This leaderboard resets every month. Points gained and lost are based on the ranking of you, your teammates and your opponents.

There are 2 divisions available at this time.

Division 1 (for players with rank 5-10)

Division 2 (for players with rank 1-5)

The monthly winner is rewarded with a special victor colour on our discord server and bragging rights :) The top 5 players also gain faceit points. link
There are a few unwritten rules: - When you play our inhouse league you must have a working mic and be in our discord server. - language is mainly Dutch (90-95% Dutch speaking players), but of course you can ask if people want to speak English as well. There are 3 languages in Belgium and a lot of expats living in our region so English should not be a problem.
If you are interested to join, click this link:

division 1

division 2

Have Fun!

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