BeNeDota Inhouse is back!

In these dire corona time, everybody is looking for a way to pass time. We noticed people want to play more Dota, so... We decided to bring back the BeNeDota Inhouse games!
We considered multiple inhouse possibilities and we landed on Faceit. NOT the previous inhouse hub we used to have (because reasons...) but an all NEW Hub:
You can join the hub by following this link:
(if you are still a member of the previous hub, leave it to make this clearer for you)

Every member of the hub can queue for the next inhouse game. The game will start automatically when 10 people are in the queue. DO NOT FORGET TO REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THE QUEUE! You will block the inhouse games for the rest if you don't do that.
The highest ranked players will be assigned as captain: if you are high on the rankings, there's a little extra effort to stay there :)

The Inhouse season QUARENTINHOUSE will run for 2 months, starting today until 1 June 2020.

What are you playing for?
Nothing less that points for the BeNeDota Pro Circuit! For every 10 inhouse games you play, you get 5 points for the BPC.
Players reaching top10 by the end of the season will receive extra points (100pts for #1 -> 10pts for #10). You need to have played at least 10 games to be eligible for these extra points!

Have fun!

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