Announcing: BeNeDota League Season 6

We received multiple requests, so we couldn't do anything else but... organize the 6th season of the BeNeDota League!

For the 6th season of the league, we keep the appreciated recipes from previous seasons, like 1 game per week maximum and (if possible) balanced divisions according to skill. Our main sponsor from last season, Koensulting, is back again so this year we will have another €1000+ prize pool!
We did modify some rules since last season, notably:

  • The prize pool will mainly be distributed among the division 1 teams
  • Teams now have a FIXED amount of a maximum 2 (two) NON-BENELUX players (BENELUX = Belgium, Netherlands, or Luxembourg)
  • For your team to be eligible to start in division 2, the highest MMR member in your roster must have an MMR lower than 4500
  • Stricter follow-up on actual playdates will be enforced by Head Admin Len (aka "The Chaser")

We are still looking for casters that want to cast some league games (live or delayed). If you would like to do this, contact an admin in discord. Official casters will be allowed in the reschedule channel this year, we hope this makes things easier to plan and cast league games.
The registrations for the league are open, starting NOW, and running until 30/9/2021. The first games will be played in the week starting 3/10/2021. The league will run for about 9 or 10 weeks.
The only thing left, is the registration link:

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